Corrections to Japanese words!

Hey all,

My Shihan kindly offered these corrections to my post on having trouble translating Japanese into English–it is so cool to have someone to look out for me (and correct my spelling :-D)

“Bunkai: Analysis of the movements of the kata.

“Oyo: the application of the movements from the kata, as one might actually use them in combat. Hence, the movements of the Oyo, may deviate from a strict adherence to the sequence, angle and even order of the movements in the kata.

“Zanchin is actually spelled, ZanSHIN. Zanshin is awareness before, during and after the technique. As a practical definition, Zanshin is being in the position, mentally and physically to respond to an attack, as necessary.

“Kime: Decisiveness. The various physical and mental conditions necessary to make one’s technique decisive.

“JEON is misspelled. It’s JION.

“Skidome should be Tsuki dome. It’s blocking immediately after punching with the punching hand”


Inspirational Quote:

Physical violence is prohibited. We don’t support illegal drug use. Minors should be accompanied by their parent(s) or guardian(s). Please refrain from doing anything that might jeopardize the conference or attendees such as lighting your hair on fire or throwing lit road flares in elevators. DEFCON Goons are there to answer your questions and keep everything moving. Hotel security is there to watch over their property. Each has a different mission, and it is wise to not anger the hotel people. Please be aware that if you engage in illegal activities there is a large contingency of feds that attend DEFCON. Talking about how you are going to bomb the RNC convention in front of an FBI agent is a Career Limiting Move! (What are the rules of DEFCON?)

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