Elkmont TN–my family’s cabin

Hey all,

I’ll post most of my thoughts on Elkmont later. For now, here are the pictures Aunt Lou and I took. It felt really nice there.

Inspirational Quote:

The only winner in the War of 1812 was Tchaikovsky. – Solomon Short

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  1. Isn’t it beautiful there – even in the winter! I do miss it so much. In spite of the Park trying it’s best to tear it all down it still survives. The little plants, the wildflowers will be trying to poke their noses up through the leaves and frost. My grandparents planted a lot of those: jack-in-the-pulpit, bleeding hearts, crocus – others I can’t remember. The forsythia should be glowing golden and the dogwood showing buds; the red bud trees surprise you with their halo of reds high up. I’m so glad you can see it all there!
    Love, Baba

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