Poems from the Garden is out!

I’m finishing up fulfillment for last month’s successful Kickstarter for my collection, Poems from the Garden: A pandemic year in sonnets & sloppier forms. I’ll be signing all the books that folks requested in the next few weeks and I expect everyone will have all of their seeds/books/postcards/ebooks by the next of the month.

If you didn’t get a chance to back the Kickstarter, you can buy the ebook and the paperback here.

I’m still writing a sonnet a week for the Friday Journal, and will probably share the ones I like best either here or on my Instagram. Here’s one from last week I enjoyed:

I saw a pregnant
lizard hiding in
the garden on the

chiaroscuro edge
of light along the
dark side of a new-
built plant bed, inching

up and down to warm
and cool her big full
belly with the spring
sunshine. I’m sure she’s

ready to meet her 
hatchlings; I am too.

And here is the lizard:

A pregnant fence lizard sitting on some UV cloth beside a community garden bed

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