Conference Presentations

Since 2007 I’ve presented my research at technical conferences, mostly the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. Below are links:

Arduino Dress: teaching girls about computing with wearable electronics,” (Poster Presentation), GHC, October 2013.

Using Technology to Lower the Costs of Being a Women,” (Poster Presentation), GHC, October 2012.

International Movement Building and Technology in the 21st Century,” (Panel Organizer and Moderator),  GHC, November 2011.

Can We Use RSS to Catch Rapists?” (Poster Presentation), GHC, November 2011.

OPM: How to Get the Funding You Need to Do the Work You Love” (Poster Presentation), GHC, September 2010.

Playing with Alice After School” (Invited Talk), GHC, September 2009.

The Poetry and Prose Performances Project: Bringing Great Literature to YouTube,” GHC, September 2009.

How to Combat Academic Plagiarism” (Poster Presentation), GHC, September 2008.

Girl Geeks in High School” (Panelist), GHC, September 2007.

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