Planned Parenthood Escorting–Protester Images

I enjoy Escorting and am proud to Escort for the Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania. Here is what a Saturday morning looks like on our Liberty Street Clinic. The first images are from my vantage point as an escort, the later ones I asked the protesters for permission to take better images of their signs. A side benefit I have found to being an Escort is a growing ability to be polite, direct and ignore whatever vitriol is beign thrown my way. Call it an occupational benefit.

Inspirational Quote:

“the net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.” John Gilmore


    1. The unborn children need escorts but unfortunately they are murdered before they can ask for one.

  1. I’m very sorry you work as an escort. My wife and I had an abortion 15 years ago and we counsel women at PP; the escorts work to make sure women cannot hear the stories of the countless women with stories of pain and sorrow who can tell them that PP isn’t giving them all the facts but rather pushes abortions and counts on ignorance.

  2. Hi Mr Mahoney,

    I am not sorry that I volunteer for Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania.

    I have seen a protester dog a woman and her partner for three blocks, and by the time she entered the 100 feet protected zone (where she could tell the protester to back off and have it legally enforced) she was too hysterical to talk. I have been accused by women with babes in their arms of killing babies. I have heard protesters ask a man walking his partner to the clinic whether he was “a man or a mouse”, and heard the same protester tell him “a real man would stop her”.

    I escort because I believe that no man or woman should be harassed, shamed, or harangued alone. I believe, for those 10 seconds that I stand beside them, I am helping a family feel more safe. And as a woman who has been studying martial arts for 14 years I believe in the value of personal safety.

    I have never seen any evidence that Planned Parenthood “counts on ignorance” or “pushes abortions”. I have looked. I take my moral stances very seriously and test my beliefs through thorough research. I have read the best arguments I could find for banning abortion, for demonizing Planned Parenthood, for supporting the protesters’ views.

    I am unconvinced.

    So, Mr Clint Mahoney, please, send me some evidence.

    Jessica Dickinson Goodman

  3. Well, no evidence submitted would be found acceptable to you because you have bought all the propaganda. However, please read Lime 5 by Mark Crutcher – it’s well documented with references to coroners reports etc.

    A first-trimester child is a baby. Besides, are you even against partial-birth abortions? Are you against the Born Alive Infant Protection act? Many pro-abortion people (and there are many pro-abortion people – though you never will admit you are) believe that killing a child that is full-term as it’s leaving the birth canal or immediately after birth is not murder. The only difference between a child and a non-child at that point is merely if a mother wants the child.

    However, the best arguments against abortion are not scientific, though science does bear out my position, am am friends with many doctors and professors who are against abortions.

    The best reasons are certainly religious but also philosophical and practical. A culture that does not respect life will increasingly become a culture of death and no one is safe.

    You will not agree because you have bought into the idea that the ends of a woman’s “choice” justify whatever means are necessary.

    Though, I’ve had some pro-“choicers” tell me that slippery slopes don’t even exist. How can one speak rationally with someone such as this. However, rationality is not the primary focus of the Pro-choice movement – it’s protecting a woman’s right to “choose” – which she’s always had, this movement seeks to make women as immoral as men, by preventing any consequence to sex – however, women know the pain of losing a child.

    Look online to find “I love my abortion” websites – you will find dramatically fewer than “I regret my abortion” sites.

    However, I will leave you alone – if you want to hear more you can find me on the Internet, my name is not false. I have no desire to talk and then be called a liar and my posts deleted. I did that once before – all I did was tell my wife and my story on an “Abortion Info – the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth website” and they told me I was lying – I guess they think my wife and I never had an abortion – I wish that were true. I had assumed the site was unbiased and I gave my personal story – but the site was “pro-abortion” – because the anti-abortion position was not allowed thus the site was de-facto non-pro-choice. Most pro-choicers I’ve met do not believe the anti-abortion position is valid heard, thus they are pro-abortion.

  4. Comments “spammer”? Why do you destroy your image of impartiality with mild insults? I hadn’t intended to come back to this blog, I only did because an unrelated Google search showed that you’d commented using my name.

  5. i know clint very well and wish he would pull his head out of his ass and talk to me maybe i will get a response this way huh

  6. Ben, call me at work 330-7700 – ask for me. Or send me email and we can coordinate a time and place to meet, even today.

  7. (as you’ve probably seen from my post on Mr Clint Mahoney’s previous uncouth behavior, linked to in pingback 6, I will not tolerate ad hominem attacks here. If Mr Clint Mahoney wants me to remove comment 8, I will do so. Keep it civil everyone!).

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