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If you’re on the mailing lists for Human Rights Campaign or have concerned friends you will probably have heard about the Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern’s remarks on “the gay agenda”:

See seconds 48-55 for one of my favorite statements–ever heard of the Persian Empire? Greece? The word “totally” makes her statement more narrow, but a defining characteristic of human society is that most of us disagree about something, and I cannot think of an issue whose outcome is “totally” accepted in our society.

Ugly, ugly stuff.

But do you know what’s great? As an elected Representative, she has the right to say whatever she wants. And she has the right be voted out of Office if her constituents feel ill-served by her ill-informed, ill-thought out and ill-meaning speech.

Btw, if you live in Oklahoma City, she may represent you. Do you want her to? Her email (a hotlink!), phone number and address are all posted on Sally Kern’s Oklahoma House of Representatives website. I hope she hears from you!

PS: she is also the author of a bill which passed in the Oklahoma State House which will deny funding to local libraries which do not segregate “sexually explicit or gay themes” from young adult areas. I love when people confuse romance books with pornography, it makes it so easy to tell they are ignorant.

Representative Kern also says: “The American Library Association is out to sexualize our children.”


Inspirational Quote:

Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes. – Mahatma Gandhi

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