A MacBook Makeover

My computer has been a bit boring lately. I never got around to covering her with bumper stickers, the way I did my last two. So I spent some time on Etsy and found this fantastic decal:

World decal on my macbook

I had to get the map custom edited because the standard version has the Apple logo obscuring the Middle East and North Africa, which since I want it so I can use my computer as a visual aid when explained where Carnegie Mellon’s other undergraduate campus is, was useless. But the seller was incredibly communicative and fixed it for me.

Speaking of Etsy, I helped run their information session two weeks ago and got to take this photo:
The @etsy info session is adorable. @DeMarko
Some companies bring massive billboards announcing their presence for info sessions: Etsy brought a technicolored octopus in a tutu. One of my friends was representing Etsy, so when I tweeted this photo he grabbed it (thank goodness for Creative Commons licensing), added a caption, and included it in their presentation:
@DeMarko is quick on the uptake

The last change I made to my lady computer was adding Arabic to her keyboard. I usually just use Apple’s keyboard viewer for when I need to type in Arabic, but having the letters on the keys will help me:

  1. Learn to touch-type in Arabic faster,
  2. Help me keep thinking in Arabic even when I’m not doing homework or class,
  3. Hopefully start some conversations with fellow Arabic-speakers randomly.

Arabic/English keyboard
This is my first time with vinyl decals and keyboard stickers, so here’s hoping my computer’s new accessories will hold out.

Inspirational Quote:

“A man hasn’t got a corner on virtue just because his shoes are shined.”–Anne Petry

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