Our Only Finished Room

When we moved into our three room apartment, I had the time and inclination to decorate one of them–our bathroom. Here’s what it looks like:

Here's a collection of my precious things.

The rose quartz dragon under the window swivvler was a gift from my brother, the dolphin from my high school boyfriend now husband, the rock between the eggs is from an incredible obsidian heap in the Eastern Sierras, and the roses were my husband’s gift for our 5 year anniversary. Yes, they are arranged in a shell.

Explaining the next photo: I’m not a fan of bacterial soap since:

  1. If I get sick I don’t want to be resistant to antibiotics,
  2. I don’t want to contribute to the creation of superbugs.

So hot water and hipster soap it is:
Our Hipster Soap
That’s it for seriousness in bathroom decorations. Here’s the duckies:

Our bathroom reading.

NYU duck is cool

If you drop him in water, this ducky lights up.

Yes, this rubber ducky is from the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC)

Yes, all of those are rubber duckies from the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC).

Even without the decorations, this bathroom has some nice built-in features. There’s the neat arched ceiling over the shower:
Shower curtain under arch.

And the remains of a something-rod in the middle of the wall makes a convenient place for toothbrushes and razors. Also for head-bonking, but we’re learning the house:

Finally, and of course, our bathroom reading:
Our Bathroom Reading.

Terry Pratchett and Tony Kushner are equally appropriate bathroom reading in our house.

Inspirational Quote:

“He hated being thought of as one of those people that wore stupid ornamental armour. It was gilt by association.”–Terry Pratchett, Night Watch

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