Our Weekly Cleaning (AKA: Games Night)

Every Sunday night, Matt and I get together with friends to play board games. It is also my weekly reminder to clean off my desk-dining room table. Here’s what it looks like in the middle of a dinner of Chinese food, homemade waffles, and a game of Acquire:

Us playing Acquire on our weekly game's night, while eating Chinese food.
My uncle Pete once told me that being a lawyer was like playing the board games my family plays during every vacation. There are rules, and ways you interact with other people within those rules.

Every time I get down on myself for not enjoying formal logic (which I need for a class this semester), I remember how much I like playing board games and try to think of my assignments as games. Which is how I ended up with this answer to a question asking me to come up with three real-world examples of certain logical axioms:

The relation “is far away from” is transitive and symmetric, in a 2-dimensional world. Example: if Gallifrey is far away from Arcadia (D1) is X then Arcadia is far away from Gallifrey (D2) is also X: D1 ~ D2 and D2 ~ D1.1 Also, if Arcadia is far away from Earth (D3), and Earth is far away from Gallifrey (D4), then Gallifrey is far away from Arcadia (D1).


Beauty is not symmetric, not reflexive, and not transitive. If Sansa has a body dysmorphic disorder, she may not see herself as beautiful as other see her (B0 !~ B0). If Tyrian thinks Sansa is as beautiful as Shae, Jaime does not necessarily think Shae is as beautiful as Sansa (B1 ~ B2, then B2 !~ B1). Finally, if Rickon thinks Lady is as beautiful as Ghost, and Ghost is as beautiful as Shaggydog, it does not follow that Sansa thinks Lady is as beautiful as Shaggydog. (B3 ~ B4, B4 ~ B5, then B3 !~ B5).

PS: To any searching logicians, I did not get full marks on these answers. Be warned.

Now if only I could approach this weekend’s practice LSAT as if it were a game…

Inspirational Quote:

“He who cannot forgive breaks the bridge over which he himself must pass. ~George Herbert

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