On Qatari Hospitality

I haven’t been posting pictures because my camera bit the dust this weekend, and I while I hoped a new battery would solve the problem, I could not find a new battery and so was left buying a cheap children’s camera with proprietary window’s uploading software. Uhg. On my way to the airport on Friday I shot off an email to the chief editor of the All-Around at CMU-Q, asking if I could possibly borrow some equipment for some period of time during my stay. I wasn’t sure for how long or what kind of kit I would be lent, if any, but I was hopeful upon hearing stories of their new newsroom.

Out to dinner after getting off of the plane, I was sitting with two CMU-Q students. Chatting, I though I heard that one of them was named ****, which is the name of the Editor-In-Chief at the All-Around. I immediately told him I was the Jessica who emailed him and apologized for the randomness of my email. He made some affirmative noise. I then explained my story of the camera, the battery, and the silly replacement which I got, finishing with “of course I am totally fine if you don’t feel comfortable lending me a camera, but I am very responsible and have a great record with the Tartan and CFA lending.” He said he would be happy to lend me a camera. I told him about my project to bring CMU-Q to Pittsburgh, and it turns out he is curating a show at CMU-Q and we started to work out logistics of me perhaps getting prints of some of the photos he collected to hang at CMU-P.

The next day I walked up to where we were eating lunch and saw him. He had an amazing camera over his arm and when I came over to say hi he said, “here you are, this is the camera”. I spent a great deal of time admiring it and telling him it was wonderful and then we wandered apart. I came to understand later that he was *not* the Editor-In-Chief at the All-Around, but a member of the student government and he had just lent me his personal camera.

I was neither expecting nor prepared for this level of hospitality and generosity. I was shocked and asked a few people if I had committed a social mistake. They all just said to take good care of the camera because he loved it a lot and be grateful. I am certainly glad I brought lots of extra thank you gifts.

So that explains why I will be posting some amazing quality images in the next few days.

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