On Disability Access in the Middle East

[From earlier in the day–I missposted our of order–sorry!]
-At the airport I saw no wheelchair ramps from the parking lot into the terminal—and we descended from the airplane by stair (I may have missed wheelchair accommodations)
-At the mall, I saw lots of escalators but no elevators (I may have missed them).
-Doha is not a very walkable city by my view—wheel-chairs would get mired in the unfinished brick of the sidewalks around our hotel
-I haven’t seen any disabled access bathrooms
-Pedestrians *do not* have the right of way, making trouble for blind pedestrians
-Round abouts as well, as opposed to stoplights, might make crossing streets more difficult for blind pedestrians

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“The English never draw a line without blurring it.”–Winston Churchill

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