Notes on Trip to CMU-Qatar (Doha)

3 odd things I saw:

-A CMU-Q promotional video of student interviews inter-spliced with about 50% men and 50% women—quite an odd editorial choice given that there are 3-4 time more women than men at CMU-Q.
-A huge ceremonial outdoor space (the Ceremonial Court) which can fit which could fit several thousand people.
-Lots of fountains and pools (this is growing to be my favorite feature of any building—the water feature. Pictures to come!

3 odd things I heard:

-Several well-done promotional videos—which I will post here tomorrow.
-More birds! LBJs mostly; hardy desert birds.
-Many students speaking Arabic to each other privately

3 odd things I thought/felt:

-Salty after climbing onto the stage of the Ceremonial Court—the sea wind blows a mixture of sand and salt and subtly coats everything outside with a fine gray dust.
-Impressed by the native plants decoration the campus—bougainvillea, succulents, grasses and silk-trees featured
-Concerned for the laborers placing thousands of palm-sized white rocks around the bases of some decorative plants in the mid-day sun. They had head-wraps and lots of water, but I was concerned for them anyway.

Note: tomorrow I will be using the wireless on campus and so can take the time to upload the great photos I am getting. I don’t really want to spend the money to use the hotel’s pokey/expensive wireless.

Inspirational Quote:

“The problems of victory are more agreeable than the problems of defeat, but they are no less difficult.”–Winston Churchill

PS: I don’t want to spend the time on the internet finding my usual assortment of quotes, so I am drawing on an old file which includes lots of Winston Churchill Quotes. I mean nothing by them.

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