Grad School? Hmm…

Carnegie Mellon t-shirt.
250 Letters Mailed to City Council. Tempting me out of grad school.

I’m thinking of applying here. But because of CMU’s rules, I have to decide now whether I want to apply for this. This lead to a slightly hysterical conversation with this one about what I do and don’t like about school.

I like learning new ways of thinking about people and places, so that when I interact with them I can be open without fear. I like reading, and writing, and arguing theory. I love learning.

I feel smaller in school than I do during my summer internships, or work in Pittsburgh. The goals and issues and need for me feel more limited. And I hate sitting quietly in classrooms.

I’m afraid of this. And this.

No real resolution to this post, just a question:

Why should I go to grad school?

Inspirational Quote:

“Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory”–Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois

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  1. “Why should I go to grad school?”

    I dunno? Why should you?

    You don’t mention any reasons why you should go. Do you have any goals in life (e.g. teaching, research, specific job) that require an advanced degree?

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