Winning the War of Winter

Pittsburgh in winterOk. Eeek. I did not anticipate how much energy Hopper gave and took–I had so many deep-life-planning conversations running in my head, I didn’t make space to write here. Sorry. My bad. Catching up now.

I don’t believe in weather. I used to think this was a character flaw, but then I realized that while I did not grow up with impressive weather, people in Pennsylvania did not grow up with impressive topography. Love of terribly beautiful mountains and confusion at snow are cultural feelings and I simply am not part of Pennsylvania’s culture.

This morning I woke up cold. It made me feel shrunken and blue. All my soft and usually warm blankets felt thin and drafty. After a good 20 minutes warming up–not napping!–in the shower, I felt ready to confront my Arabic homework.

Drive to the Lair of the Bear, August 2010

But first I dragged my Sierra-grade camping-ready sleeping bag from the back of my closet, and wrapped myself in it. I have no patience feeling cold. Perhaps I am unfit for harsh Pilgrim winters; that’s cool (or rather fine) with me–I’d rather live in country God blessed with permanent pleasantness of weather and glory in mountains.

While I enjoy my studies here, I must endure the onslaught of winter. Here is my battle-plan:

  1. Use my sleeping-bag as a comforter.
  2. Caulk all of the windows in my house to prevent drafts.
  3. Wear under-armor.
  4. Guzzle tea.
  5. Escape to the relatively-mild climes of DC.
  6. Post pictures of mountains and warm beaches all over my room.
  7. Visit Connecticut for Thanksgiving; then Pittsburgh will feel positively pleasant.

Inspirational Quote:

Professor River Song: Just keep it together okay?
Anita: I am keeping it together. I’m only crying. I’m about to die, it’s not an overreaction.

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