Winding Down

Airplane windowMy time here in DC is winding down for the summer. My last day at work is Friday, and I’m finishing up a blog post series and some marketing stuff. I’ve also transitioned out of my role as Communications Manager for Careerimp, and look forward to working with them in a consulting role in the future. I’ve packed away the post-cards strung across my walls on yellow sewing thread, and done my last load of laundry in this house.

I think of a spinning toy I used to play with at my grandmother’s house. A wooden disc, with threads passing through it in four symmetrical places ending in handles. With an initial spin, and rhythmically pulling my hands apart and letting them drift together, I could make it wind up into the tightest knots.

Every time it wound down in one direction, it was winding up in another.

This sounds like the transition period I am in now: winding down one direction, and transferring that momentum to another.

Inspirational Quote:

“God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.”–James M. Barrie

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