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No matter whether you’re advocating for an end to modern-day slavery or an end to graft, nothing gets really done if volunteers can’t call their federal or state representatives.

But because there is no good embeddable widget which provides this info in response to a zipcode, us communications folks are stuck referring people to unpleasantly-coded websites.

Today I found 3 better options for determining and influencing your representatives positions:

  1. Fix Congress First’s whip/thank rating.
  2. OpenCongress’s legislation-tracking.
  3. WatchDog.Net’s clean, map-utilizing representative location.

In an advocacy ask, we might tweet:

Please call you Senator and ask them to support HR2925. [shortened url]

The problem is, with most technologies, we’re not just asking followers to call their representatives, but in many cases navigate cumbersome websites to find their numbers and addresses. We’ll get more responses the easier we make it to comply, so websites like these are great.

Inspirational Quote:

“I choose a block of marble and chop off whatever I don’t need.”–Auguste Rodin

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