A Cheat to Writing Pretty Blog Posts

I've got a camera too!What I love about blogging (and writing) is that it gives me a constant and insistent excuse to be different in how I present information. The empty screen begs for a better way of presenting information. One tactic I have been using this summer to do that, more for Careerimp and Polaris than here, is photos. Creative Commons licensed photos from flickr, that is.

While yes, this is my sneaky way of supporting Creative Commons everywhere I work (check out the next post–I’ve done 2 videos this week with Creative Commons licensed music), . But using , and a little patience, I’ve found funny, helpful, sad and silly photos for most of the posts I have done this summer.

I use photos to comment on my posts, and add an additional (usually geeky) dimension. A lot of professional bloggers use awful, staid and stilted stock photos. It’s gotten to the point that I assume blogs are badly written if they have random smiling professional-types hovering over clean laptops. It’s just icky and fake.

So: fill space and give posts more dimensions by supporting Creative Commons and not being fake by using random stock photos.

Inspirational Quote:

“A city is a large community where people are lonesome together.”–Herbert Prochnow]

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