2 Videos I’ve Made This Week

Sometimes, words aren’t enough. Sometimes, it is boring to just put directions on a page and tell someone to follow them. And sometimes, all that’s important is being quick, concise, and colorful.

That is what I tried for in these two videos. One is directions to the location of the second annual anti-human trafficking walk that Stop Modern Slavery DC is running on October 23. The other is a description of my pet project, Polaris Project’s Tweet-A-Thon. Both are under 90 seconds, took me about 3 hours to make (including finding the Creative Commons licensed music), and none have any dialogue.

Scintillating drama they are not. But I am proud of them for what they are: simple, visual presentations of a few set ideas, leaving the audience with one message and then letting them go. Enjoy!

They also both use fun technologies I enjoyed learning: the first is a screen recording of me finding directions to the location of the march, and the other is a screen recording of a Prezi I made explaining the Tweet-A-Thon (because Prezi doesn’t export into a usable movie format). I love working somewhere where I can pitch a concept, do it, and present it under my own power.

PS: for a bonus, check out who I’ve been working with in the last 15 seconds of the Tweet-A-Thon video.

Inspirational Quote:

“I have an affection for a great city.  I feel safe in the neighbourhood of man, and enjoy the sweet security of the streets.”–Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


  1. ugh 🙁 where do I start? You destroyed the point of making a Google search story (short, witty, unexpected) and then used a horrible font in the second video.

    And don’t even start with me about Twitter. Think about this (and think about it hard): one voice is easy to ignore, many voices are not. If you’re all tweeting from the same account, it’s easy to just block or unfollow that account, but if you all tweet from personal accounts and tag it with the same hashtag, then it’s significant. Additionally, anyone else who wants to chime in, can, without your permission. For someone who promotes openness and freedoms, this seems like a big step backward.

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