3 Published FanFictions (or are they?)

Some definitions of fanfiction hold that a work is only fanfiction if it is unauthorized. Therefore, the following could be considered FanFiction:

  1. The Wind Done Gone, the controversial retelling of Gone with the Wind from an alternate perspective.
  2. Nightlight: Parody Harvard Lampoon, which parodies the Twilight series
  3. Shylock’s Daughter, a fan’s tribute to Jessica the daughter of Shakespeare’s usurious money-lender in A Merchant of Venice.

Also interesting is the following statement by author John Scalzi that:

It has been the droll observation of several that in writing Fuzzy Nation, what I’ve really done is write H. Beam Piper fan fiction.

My thought on that: Well, it is fiction, I am a fan, and I did write for my own amusement in a universe for which I didn’t have clearance in at the time — so, overall, yep, looks like fanfic to me, too, or at least some species of it, as I understand fanfic to be. [all formatting sic]

If some authors think it is ok to be considered fanfic writers, maybe all is not yet lost.

UPDATE: There’s also the J.D. Salinger fanfic which caused so much copyright drama.

Inspirational Quote:

With enough courage, you can do without a reputation.”–Rhett Butler

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