Season Finale for Dr Who Should Give You a Clue About My Perfect Wedding Gift (Spoilers!)

“The Big Bang” was a lovely episode, so please do not read this if you plan to watch it. Below is a video of one of the ultimate scenes, and it should give you an idea of what I now consider the perfect wedding gift*:

*and possibly reception space–who doesn’t want their reception in a room that’s bigger on the inside?

Inspirational Quote:

[In an episode which is initially set in a picturesque Northern English town]

The Doctor: So, what do you do round here to stave off the, you know…
Amy Pond: Boredom?
The Doctor: Self harm.


  1. A “perfect wedding gift”? Hummmm. Maybe a ticket on the next U.S. trip to Mars or the Moon?
    Considering your new taste for foreign travel it has to be pretty far.
    Love, Baba

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