Silly Wedding Stress

I am excited to be getting married in August 2011. But when I started researching wedding stuff today–because research is my first reaction to an unknown–I found myself getting stressed. When I read posts about people’s neat park weddings around here I felt romantic. When I read about boutonnieres, I felt a wall of stress coming up behind me. I decided to test these different reactions, to try and figure out what exactly was stressing me out.

  1. Geeky cakes: no.
    (not even looking at these fancy cakes from my neighborhood florist/patisserie Flower-Flour).
  2. Choirs, chauffeurs, or massive flower arrangements: yes.
  3. The phrases “Big Day”, “Dream Day”, and “Perfect Day”: yes.
    (Even the word “perfect” is swiftly becoming suspect).
  4. Boudoir Photography: yes.
    (Though more eye-rolling than stressing. I mean, really. Aren’t cell-phone pix good enough for everyone? And these photos seem a little too much like advertisements for the bride’s virginity for my comfort.)
  5. Logistics tips like numbering blank RSVPs and custom water-color wedding maps: no.
  6. Uniforms (bridesmaids dresses particularly): yes.
  7. Pretty wedding dresses: no
    (I already have a dress–it was my Mom’s).

The writers of $2000 wedding talk about looking past surface details. I those are the things which stress me out most about wedding blogs. Matt and I have this clear vision of our wedding, and it has nothing to do with the color scheme or the music. It has to do with the people–friends and family–with whom we’re celebrating our love. And since none of his friends and few of mine thrive on designer clothes and perfectly coordinated seat-covers, we won’t really have to worry about those things. We’ll have to plan the surface details, but with more than a year, most of them can wait.

And if the colors clash or iPod cracks in the middle of the dance, if our friends are the people who we know they are, they won’t care or remember (though they will definitely have extra iPods, and probably a neat way of transferring the playlist over). All in all, I plan to enjoy avoiding stress and my limited time as an engaged woman.

Inspirational Quote:

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook”– Julia Child quote


  1. And don’t forget you have me. I can help with the minor irritations, like flowers and arrangments and that kinda thing.
    Its what I’m here for love. Making sure you don’t go insane.

    Your Maid of Honor


  2. Hi Jessica,

    You won’t remember me but I’ve met you a couple of times when you were very young. I went to HS with your mom and helped her pick out her wedding dress (the one you will wear!), so I’m very familiar with it and you’ll look lovely in it. I also know Eleanor very well, having worked for her for a bit when I was in my early 20’s. Also, my daughter, Kiana, went on a field trip on the Balclutha, the ship in SF Bay where your mom and dad had their reception. Lots of connections…. Congratulations on your engagement! I wish you lots of happiness.


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