Goodness Gracious! It’s been a long gap…

I always reconsider my planned career as a globe-trotting human rights lawyer when jet-lag lays me out for 5 days. Sorry about that, dear readers. I am almost back to normal, hoping to make it to 10pm before falling asleep tonight. Tiny update on me:

  1. I just landed the Polaris Project’s New Media Fellowship, which is what I will be doing from June 7-August 15 this summer.
  2. Still looking for housing in Washington DC, but have confirmed funding for it. Craigslist trolling actively.
  3. Hanging out in the Bay Area, recuperating, reading novels, catching up on my favorite articles, blogs and TV shows, planning on venturing out into the mild weather starting tomorrow.

Anyone want to meet up for coffee? Let me know.

For the next few weeks, I’m transitioning into a slightly more infrequent posting regime. I should pick up again starting in June, but until then, I’ll be posting a few times a week until I am back in DC, when I will start posting every day. Enjoy!

Inspirational Quote:

“God in the whizzing of a pleasant wind
Shall march upon the tops of mulberry trees.”
–George Peele, David and Fair Bathsabe, 1599

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