3 Career Goals

ok, so I am susceptible to passing memes. The meme in question is Penelope Trunk’s blog. I’ve been reading it all weekend, and it is quite cool. In reading her blog, I’ve decided I have 3 new career goals:

  1. Read and Comment on other people’s blogs. Currently my voice on the internet is exactly what I want it to be (because I work hard to make sure this is so), but it is hard to connect me to any given community. I don’t post on many other blogs, and so basically my blog network is my Mom (who is a wonderful network). This is more broadly: network.
  2. Get work experience. I am feeling a little desperate today (not yet having an internship to match my prestigious fellowship is no good), but I think overall my resume needs some jobs where I work effectively within a large organization where I am valued but I also have to take orders. I really don’t want to do this. But I will.
  3. Be open. I decided for the next week I am not thinking about law school, and when someone asks me what I will do with a degree in the humanities I will say: I don’t know, something fun. It is super important to focus (especially for someone as broadly-based as me) but I can’t become myopic in pursuit of my goals.

ok, now time to finish my paper.

Inspirational Quote:

Groucho Marx – “A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five.”

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