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Check out the beautiful poster my friend Anthea Carns made from one of my pictures of Brecht on Broadway. Brecht on Broadway is the story of the rehearsals the playright Brecht had with some of his American friends before he testified before the House Committee on Un-American Affairs. It was hilarious, sad, romantic and cynical at times–a great way to spend a Friday afternoon. I love having friend in theater, they invite me to take pictures at all of the coolest shows.

I have uploaded my best pictures of the show and have put them here in a set.

Inspirational Quote:

Bertolt Brecht and Mr Stripling (investigator for HUAC)

Stripling – Yes. Now I’ll read the words, ans [sic] ask you if this is true

Brecht – Please

Stripling –

Learn now the simple truth
You for whom the time has come at last
It is not too late
Learn now the ABC
It is not enough but learn it still
Fear not, be not downhearted
Again, you must learn the lesson
You must be ready to take over
You must –

Brecht (interrupting) – No, uh, excuse me that is the wrong translation

( Audience laughter )

Brecht – Uh, uh, that is not the right, just one second I give you the correct text.

Stripling – That’s not a correct translation?

Brecht – That is not correct, no. As to the meaning it is not correct as to the meaning.
It is not very beautiful but I am not speaking about that.

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