More Notes on Trip to CMU-Qatar (Doha)

3 odd things I saw:

-A man in a car next to ours waved one of us off as we were to take a picture—no animosity just a warning
-There are cranes everywhere
-Much more exiting architecture than I am used to—huge cement branches, glass-windowed pearls with conference rooms inside, sails, latices…

3 odd things I heard:

-When our student activities guide came here 3 (or 6) years ago, there were 4 towers in downtown Doha—now there are over 60
-My first animals! Birds in the inter-eaves of the mall we visited. I think they had chicks.
-A pleasantly dry wind around Doha all day—not an aggressive, just a warming/cooling wind

3 odd things I thought/felt:

-I felt less intrusive than usual for not carrying a camera
-I started to feel oddly exposed not wearing a head-dress—some men were staring at us/me in the mall. It was probably because we were talking loudly.
-So happy to be in the sun again

Inspirational Quote:

“A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.”–Winston Churchill (I haven’t met any of these in Doha yet!)

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