Photo Project gone silly–Humanities Scholars Programs, Images of Modernity

These images are from our textbook (ok, their from Google Image Search, but their real home is our textbook):

John Szarkowski, et al. The Photographer’s Eye. The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2007. Paperback. ISBN 087070527X

Lilly and I chose these photos:

And asked our classmates to guess the context. We, with Leenie, are giving a presentation based around the question (which we came up with): does a photographer document or manipulate their subjects?

Then get got silly:

PS: the reason Lewis Pain’s demotivator is “Mentors” is that his lawyer used the defense that Pain had submitted his will to John Booth (the man who assassinated President Lincoln) while they plotted to throw the union into chaos. He was hanged for attempted murder of the Secretary of State under Lincoln.

PPS: the other photo is tiny because I couldn’t find a bigger version of it. It is a picture of a famous photographer of cathedrals standing near gargoyles while being photographed.

These are based on the famous demotivators:



Inspirational Quote:

He that climbs the tall tree has won right to the fruit. -Sir Walter Scott

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