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ok, so this is part of my learning experience as a blogger. I am slowly discovering how cool a lot of the WordPress interface is, and wanted mention one of its hidden uses: I use parts of my blog as my long term memory. An interesting article I enjoyed? If I write a post about it, I will forever be able to find that link again. Find out a friend has a blog? Add them to my blogroll and avoid having to coordinate clunkly “bookmark” lists across computers. But I’m not sure if connection between a given blog and its placement on my blogroll is obvious to the casual reader, so here’s my explanation:

This is a friend from middle school’s blog. Go here for interesting insights into fabulous fanime costumes and Solaris installs.

This is not really a blog, but my grandma’s website for which I am the webmonarch (for what a webmonarch is, see my post on the subject).

This is another friend from middle school’s blog. He writes some pretty amazingly insightful sociology from a geeks point of view, or, how a thinking person programs.

This is my mom’s blog. I am constantly linking here for both her stories and her prolific pictures. We were the mother-daughter blogging team of the Grace Hopper Conference.

This is my friend from high school’s webcomic. She is an incredible artist and I can always see her in her work–funny too!

I never actually feel bad about shamelessly plugging my friends’ blogs (which includes my family’s). I know people find my websites looking for recommendations and information and hopefully they know everything here is my opinion. I know I am missing some blogs but I just haven’t been linked to them yet–however, since I treat my blog as a non-static medium, I will quickly add them as I discover them.

All in all, blogging is a great way to keep track of people and ideas.

Inspirational Quote:

“Youth is a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children.” -George Bernard Shaw

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