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I have already proclaimed I am a metrics fan. I have just realized: on almost all Fridays in the past month my viewer ship goes down by about 30 hits from that weeks high. Do people work less of Fridays and so check blogs less to avoid work? Do people have better things to do on a Friday night than read blogs? Or, err, blog? I wonder if the internet as a whole experiences weekly trends, or do the number of hits on a Sunday in Muslim countries counteract the theoretically fewer hits on that day in Christain countries? What are the metrics for mostly agnostic countries? Does French blogs suffer or gain readership because of that nation’s shorter working hours? What is the correlation between GDP, productivity and blog activity? This genre is too young to trace too many huge metrics, but boy will it be fun to read graduate thesis finding the answers to any of these questions :-D. Anyhoo, time for sleep!

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kelptomanical: someone who has a problem with kelp

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