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So this is me responding to the one of the oddest continually used search terms to find my blog “Judicial Branch video”. I have had no Judicial Branch Video to date, however I do now, because people keep on finding my blog with that term, so there must be a need. And having tried to find a quality summary of the judicial branch using Google Video, I must agree that it is a hard subject to summarize. However the three videos below all do a good job of showing in different ways the importance of the Judicial Branch in the US Government.

This is a video of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s interview of Ex-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. It shows how the Executive power can interact with the lawyers in two of its guises: the Department of Justice and the Supreme Court.

This excellent video is about 10 minutes long of Justice Steven Breyer explaining the power of the Bill of Rights in a time of war. So wonderful. The Constitution applies in the time of war.

This is a brief sum-up of the protective power of the Judicial Branch in times of crisis.

Each of these videos shows the political aspects of the Judicial Branch. To hear about how not political most aspects of the Judiciary are, please see my post for Constitution Day. Yay for lawyers!

Inspirational Quote:

Journalist: Who can defeat the Americans? They are so strong.
Hassan Ibrahim: The Americans will defeat the Americans. I have ultimate faith in the American Constitution.

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