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Though I have a camera, these will not be visual images.

A purpose of the Hopper Conference that I am slowly coming to understand is to get smart women to see smart women. So the next time someone says Women just aren’t good at Science; or That’s too heavy for you Honey, let me get it; or Don’t worry about it, we’ll handle that problem for you; I can remember that I have seen women who kick butt at Science; I have seen women carry tables back and forth across the conference hall–because really, we do have muscles; I am have seen women who have solved problems which would cripple many (just look at the posters to get an idea of all of the things we can do).

Yeah, I’ll learn about Intrusion Detection Systems and RFIDs–but one hard day, what I really think I’ll remember is the faces of the women who I know prove wrong every put-down I have heard or hear implied. And that will help.

Inspirational Quote:

“They told me computers could only do arithmetic.” Grace Hopper

Jessica Dickinson Goodman

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