An Introduction to Intrusion Detection

An Introduction to Intrusion Detection
Presenters: Carol Taylor, University of Idaho, Carrie Gates, Computer Associates

I walked into this session with some localized knowledge about Intrusion Detection Systems and walked out with a general overview of the industry and academic state of the art and history of IDS. In that respect this panel was a success. What impressed me however was the enthusiasm and awareness that both speakers showed. Carrie Gates encouraged us all to go into Security because it’s so fun. As Carol Taylor it was obvious how strong her vision into the world of Security was. The note takers should have a summary of this meeting, and the PowerPoint will be added to the Hopper Wiki soon for those who want more information. When finding out Becky Bace (who has written a book on IDS [citation coming]) was in the audience, both presenters highly recommended a panel she will be on tomorrow:

“Outstanding Women in Computer Security: A Panel”
Salon VI and VII.

Which I will be covering, so if you can’t make it, please check here for updates!

That’s the factual stuff. Now for the fun stuff. I asked two questions during the IDS panel. One was about the Denial of Service attacks against Estonia about a month ago. I asked if IDS had been involved or how it could have helped. They said that Denial of Service happens so fast that IDS can’t help prevent it—however it could help to track down the perpetrators. IDS is already used by forensic scientists dealing with Internet crime.

The second questions I asked after the end of the Session. I asked some version of, how does the IDS community deal with the privacy rights of the Hacker? They don’t. Was the answer. As a privacy dork I get interested when people are gathering data on other people, even people who violate systems. Then we (Carrie Taylor and I) got into a discussion about the problems in interfacing the law and technology. She said something to the effect that CS people need to get involved in Policy and Law because there are just not enough people in either field with an understanding of emergent technology.

Since Tech and Law are my thing, this made me happy.

It was a good panel, I found the information interesting and thought provoking. I hope to see you at my other panel!

Inspirational Quote:

“If it’s a good idea, go ahead and do it. It’s much easier to apologize than it is to get permission.” Grace Hopper

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