Why I practice

I have started practicing music. A lot. Like, half an hour to two hours a day. Sitting in a practice room. Now, some of this is motiviated by a comment from an old forum ringing in my head: “In choir you rehearse, you do not practice.” And in other ways it is because I have seen my range expand, and my comfort singing those higher and lower notes grow with each hour I spend sitting in the cramped hot practice room.

(It has a switch to turn on the AC. It makes noises, but we know it’s just faking. It’s always hot in there.)

But there is a theory encroaching on my consciousness about practice: the more I sing a song, the better I know it and the more fun I have with it. I come up with new character interpretations which I would never have thought of. Some are useless–does Lyubasha really need to sound like a sultry valley girl?–but some are not (for example, American Lullabye’s singer is a lot like Toru from Fruits Basket.

It is not that I feel confident about the song while I’m practicing–it is that when I get to the audition, the rehearsal, the hallway outside of the practice room, I *know* I know the song. Practice gives me the difference between posturing and inner-certainty.

I never feel that sure about Calculus.

Anyhoo, have a fabulous windy day!

Inspirational Quotes:

You can get help from teachers, but you are going to have to learn a lot by yourself, sitting alone in a room.” Dr Seuss (yeah yeah yeah, he has another name. But I grew up on the Lorax and 1 fish 2 fish. Tough Noogies.

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