Becoming normal

Today I ate lunch (vegetarian stand–everywhere has too small portions or too much frying) and finished my reading for my seminar. I ate alone by chance because I didn’t see anyone I knew to eat with. It was nice to sit in the filtered sun and eat and read fiction finally. Then I wandered downstairs, checked my mailbox, picked up a package and went by Housing and Dining to ask a question about my schedule. And I didn’t get lost, forget my combo or forget my todo list. It was like my daily chores (check mail, deal with any admin problems before the weekend, get a good lunch) could be done without the Herculaen effort they seemed to entail in the past few weeks. It was…normal.


Inspirational quote:

“A man’s got to know his limitations.” (Clint Eastwood)

PS: I love the Green Beings in the package 😀

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