Evidence using Creative Commons for our cards was the perfect choice

This is a cross-post from the Notable Women in Computing Kickstarter because I am so excited about this.

I was looking through the Twitter results for Notable Women in Computing project and found this tweet:

Look closely–it’s a modded version of the deck. So cool! I checked my inbox and Rachel Cheng of CppCon emailed me to let me know they had 700 attendees who got a deck each in their swag bags. One of the attendees asked for the files so he can distribute them in schools. My heart overfills with happiness to see these incredible women gaining the credit they deserve in the world.

This is exactly why we used Creative Commons for this project and made all of the source files for our work free. Alone, we’re 3 women with other jobs and work to do. (Did I mention this summer I started working as a scheduler for California Attorney General Kamala Harris? I did. She’s great.)

We’re all busy. But as members of the community of technical women, we are a multiplying force. We can take the history and future of women in computing further and farther together than any of us could alone. I am so grateful to be a part of this project.

Inspirational Quote:

“Have you ever experienced a moment, knowing full well that words cannot do it justice?” – Richard Sirken

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