If you wanted to buy a deck and hadn’t gotten the chance…

I just finished a new site where you can buy more copies of the Notable Women in Computing Card Deck, for the same prices you paid through the Kickstarter.

Through that site you can also pre-order the first completed daughter project of this Kickstarter, a deck of cards showcasing inspiring technical women who are emerging leaders in the Middle East and Africa. Everyone in the deck is included by her request.


The women in this new deck and poster are beyond inspiring and cool and provide a different way to look at the future of technology in our world. You might recognize 2 of them as recipients of the free decks you all contributed to ($10, production + shipping = 6 weeks or more):


Here’s what the poster for the TechWomen Emerging Leaders from Africa and the Middle East looks like ($25):

It is important to note that the TechWomen Emerging Leaders from Africa and the Middle East cards are available to pre-order and it may take 6 weeks or longer to produce them and get them to you. That’s faster than this Kickstarter because we’ve worked out some of the kinks, but slower than most of us Prime members are used to. It’s a chance to support a new project, and if you chose to do so, it will allow us to send these diverse decks to educators who cannot afford them.

You can still download the decks and posters and print them yourselves, with all of the files here. It may be more expensive to do that than ordering, but it might be cheaper and faster if you have access to a plotter. Everything on the site is Creative Commons licensed, and that has allowed several other daughter projects to get started, which is beyond exciting.

I am so glad we were able to share these decks with you and am excited to see who else likes and uses them. I will keep sharing photos of your donated decks in use and amazing tweets like this:

I’m also going to share more details about how we are able to share decks through the new website, some of which I go into here. I want your feedback and input, so if anything goes wrong, tell me. For now, I am celebrating having the new website built and beta tested and ready for orders. And I am hopeful that the dozen-or-so of you who have emailed me asking how to buy more decks will be able to do so now.

Thank you again for your support and please let me know if you have any comments or concerns.

Inspirational Quote:

“The rarest thing in the world is a woman who is pleased with photographs of herself.”–Elizabeth Metcalf

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