Halloween Costume Contest!

I’m a fan of using Halloween to honor powerful women. A few years ago I dressed as Tawakkul Karman, the Yemeni woman who won the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize. It’s also a great chance to stump my friends by dressing as someone or something highly obscure or technical–like when I was an open source operating system for Halloween my freshman year at Carnegie Mellon. This costume contest is about combining those two things.

It doesn’t take a lot–if you’re scrambling for a costume, this contest is for you and comes with built-in, cool ideas. Below are the details:

The challenge: Dress as a notable woman in computing for Halloween. You can use one of the women from the deck!

The prize: Send me a photo of you as a notable woman in computing and I’ll make you a digital version of that woman’s card featuring your photo.

The caveats: If you’re already in the deck, you cannot dress as yourself. But: you can dress as another woman. (How could would it be if Dr Tova Milo dressed as Dr Manuela Veloso for Halloween?) Anyone can enter, regardless of Backer status, so feel free to assign your students/spouses/kids/pets.

Please get me your photos by 11/7, so I can make the cards before the Kickstarter closes. As always, feel free to message us with questions or comments.

Inspirational Quote:

“On Halloween night I had such fun, I wore a witches gown
I rode on a broomstick up to the moon! And then came sailing down.

I saw a black cat with fire-green eyes and he and me did stare
I put out my hand to feel of his fur! Alas, he was not there.
–My favorite Halloween carol


  1. Whoops hit submit before I was done. I remember it as
    On Halloween night I had such fun I wore a witch’s gown.
    I rode on my broomstick up to the moon…and then came sailing down.
    I saw a black cat with fiery eyes at me he sure did stare
    I reached out my hand to feel of his fur…
    He vanished in the air.
    But then in the shadow of a wall I saw a ghost in white.
    He gave such a moan, he gave such a groan…
    I hurried home in fright.

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