Images to get you through a mansplaining session

To the men in my life: this is not apropos of anything other than I discovered manfeels-park a few minutes ago and needs must share. If you do not know what mansplaining is, Google freely. This post is for people who have passed Feminism 202 or above, with optional courses in intersectionality, kyriarchy, media studies, gender-neutral pronouns, and humor.

To date, whenever I am in a conversation with someone who I can tell is about to explain the equivalence of an actual injustice and xir personal anecdote of inconvenience, I have turned my internal ear to the charming voice of the Birds Rights Activist Twitter account in this immortal tweet:

As of 10 minutes ago, I have another laugh-track image to muse upon until the person stops speaking and I can redirect the conversation back to the original topic/shimmy away in an obvious manner.

It is this lovely reimagining of a conversation between the Bennet sisters and two men of the regiment, this time in the context of an experience of street harassment. Go read it yourself in its entirety; this is the panel I will be thinking of:

Imagine the pain of men who legitimately enjoy public snake impressions?

As an aside, if you love Pride and Prejudice in all of its problematic glory, come and join me in watching the show in Seattle. A brilliant friend is working on it and it is sure to be a delight.

Inspirational Quote:

“Imagine the pain of men who legitimately enjoy public snake impressions!”–Elizabeth Bennet, Pride and Prejudice (probably)

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