The Donald Trump Test for Wikipedia Relevance

I was writing a post about increasing the number of notable women in computing with Wikipedia pages (as part of this project) and was trying to articulate why it was important.

At the heart, it’s because I think all 160 women who are on this list of notable women in computing who don’t have Wikipedia pages are more important than Donald Trump. Donald Trump, racist, politically promiscuous, awful Donald Trump, has a 12,000 word article dedicated to him on Wikipedia. If Donald Trump gets 12,000 words, then every single one of those 160 women deserve at least 100 words describing the ways they’ve advanced humanity and technology.

If you want to take a stand against Donald Trump getting more digital ink than these incredible women, commit to writing a Wikipedia page for one of them. You can read tips on how here, final all the information you need, comment here to let me know you’ve done it and I’ll send some public brownie points your way. Because it’s ridiculous that Donald Trump has more visibility than this woman, who gave thousands of women from developing countries their first email addresses. Ridiculous, unnecessary, and fixable.

Inspirational Quote:

“For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.” ― Virginia Woolf

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