Moved to Seattle, looking for work, the usual Millennial lifestyle

A few weeks ago I finished up my time at Polaris, where for 2 years I ran online communications. I got to do a lot of good work there–raised $250,000 in 6 weeks, ran campaigns that let tens of thousands of people demand action from their elected representatives, and taught a self-defense course for survivors of human trafficking. I made some amazing friends, who I will miss very much.

Since my last day in DC, I’ve gone camping in the high Sierras, celebrated my 3 year wedding anniversary (this is our 10th year knowing each other; wow), and moved to Seattle. Coming home to the Left Coast feels good. I like wearing a t-shirt on a Tuesday and being one of dozens rather than only a handful of women with short hair on the bus. Access to real Chinese food has been key.

Like when I was in Pittsburgh, I plan to be politically involved in Seattle, which is why I posted this piece to Buzzfeed today. It’s more journalistic than what I usually post here, and includes an infographic, if that’s your kind of thing. I’ve identified some state-level campaigns I’m inspired by and will be volunteering for. More on that later. I’m also getting to know the Capitol Hill neighborhood, thrift-shopping in perfect Seattle style.

Now I’m settled in, I’m looking for work. I’m looking at start-ups, legislators, campaigns and big companies–places full of smart, hardworking people going after big problems, places that will let me use all of my brain and many of my skills to make the world better. If you’re reading this and interested, I’d love to get a caffeinated beverage in the next few weeks.

As an aside to longtime readers, this post is going up on the 7 year and 1 month anniversary of FeelingElephants. Here’s to the next 7.

Inspirational Quote:

“One thing we know for sure is that change is certain. Progress is not.”–Hillary Rodham Clinton

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