Happy Mothers’ Day to All of My Maternal Figures!

I take great joy in talking about my 3 grandmothers, of whom I am proud in different ways. They hail from the south and the midwest, are spread across 3 timezones and 3 decades. They’ve held job titles as diverse as homemaker, art professor, basketball coach, mother, activist, and teacher. Between the 3 of them, they raised 3 girls and 7 boys. They serve as grandmothers to 13 boys and 5 girls, and probably many other children who are lucky enough to come across their open arms.

Then there’s my amazing, inspiring, enlivening Mom, who deserves all the blog posts in the world but mostly gets free web design services. She’s my friend, my family, and my source of constant encouragement and advice. She’s, in a word, the best.

Last but never least is my Mom-in-Law, Karen, who is my partner-in-crime, and is always ready with a clever idea, a thoughtful observation, and a kind word.

Through her and Jack I also had the privilege of meeting–and getting trounced at bridge by–Joanne Collins, whose passing still rusts my heart. I had the joy of meeting two of my great grandmothers, Omama, who taught me Golf and Kings in the Corner, and Grandma Creekmore, who held my head up when I was too small to do it myself.

I love you, Mom, Baba, Grandma, Oma, Karen, Omama, and Grandma. Happy Mothers’ Day.

Inspirational Quote:

“But that is how things are: I am your mother, and we are kind to snails.”–Fleur Adcock

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