The vagaries of Inspirational Quotes

One of the few constants on this blog is every post ends with an Inspirational Quote. They usually tweak fun at the main thrust of my post, like quirking a dimple at the end of an impassioned speech to show a smudge of humility.

I’ve traveled through many different paths of getting these quotes. Sometimes I go through fazes of collecting them, filling up files with hundreds of choice words that I then empty out when my mental tides go out. When I start as brain-dry as a low-tide sand-dune, I cruise over to Quotes Garden, or more recently Goodreads, because the obnoxious formatting at Brainy Quote is too much to bear. Also, the ads are too obvious.

Sometimes, like just now, I come across a quote that I know I will never find a use for, but is simply too delightful to pass-up. Usually I deposit those into my lingering Skype chat with Matthew, so for to bombard him when he logs on at 10:25pm, but this one I want to share.

I just can’t help but wonder what possible context made the Reverend Jesse Jackson think this was the thing to say. I refuse to Google for the answer, I prefer my own imagined circumstances:

Capital punishment turns the state into a murderer.  But imprisonment turns the state into a gay dungeon-master.  ~Jesse Jackson

That is all.

Inspirational Quote:

“Be careful–with quotations, you can damn anything.” ― André Malraux

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