The Arduino Dress (My Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Poster)

I spent a lot of this summer sewing. One of my big projects was teaching myself the basics of using Arduino to integrate some fun wearable-computing into my little black dresses. Below is my poster on one of my projects, a black dress with EL wire corsetry in the back and a spattering of LED lights on the skirt, flashing my Twitter handle in Morse code.

I think mixing fashion and technology is a radical act, because treating the male-coded-and-often-respected skillset of hardware hacking and programming as just as technical and just as valuable as the female-coded-and-often-treated-as-old-fashioned-or-silly skillset of clothing-making. I make the case on the poster, and give a few project ideas. Check out the references for more cool projects to try in this vein.

The Arduino Dress, a research poster on combining sewing and technology, by Jessica Dickinson Goodman

Inspirational Quote:

“To me programming is more than an important practical art. It is also a gigantic undertaking in the foundations of knowledge.”–Rear Admiral Grace Hopper


    1. I will! I’m on my third version of it and it’s still getting there. And I didn’t, nor did I know that’s a thing. Thanks for sharing!

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