The only time I’ll ever tell you to buy Cosmo

One of my friends is highlighted on page 96 of this week’s Cosmo for the brave op-ed she wrote about body shaming in the American University gym, that lead to a change in policy and got media attention:

Kendra Lee in Cosmo

Extra credit: I took that pic of her. So buy a copy, skip past all of pictures of models which by their very existence can have a negative effect on young women’s perception of self, and bask in the glory of her smarts and snark and success. And then buy a copy of The Economist to round the experience out.

Inspirational Quote:

“But now I don’t feel safe or wanted in the fitness center. I chose to go to AU because of its culture of public service and activism; a large student organization advocating the most lethal mental illness to girls for the sake of “campus beautification” is objectifying, misogynistic, even violent. It’s not as if it was just one random guy in a gross shirt; someone in his fraternity came up with the shirt, and enough “bros” wanted it that the frat ordered it and stamped its letters on it and its members wear it to the gym. It’s indicative of an unsafe culture, where sorority sisters are worth little more than the cute donkeys and elephants dotting the campus. We’re just here for aesthetics, but only as long as we’re starving.”–Kendra Lee

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