Why Beirut?

I was on the TechWomen trip to Jordan, but why was I in Beirut? Last fall, my Mom mentored and worked with Adla Chantila, who is the Director of Finance and Information Technology at the Al-Mukasad Foundation. The Al-Mukasad foundation is an Islamic charity based in Beirut that runs schools, hospitals, a publishing company and many other positive social programs. Driving past their nursery and flagship hospital was a reminder that Beirut’s Shia population does not fully benefit from the glitzy wealth on display in the city center–Al-Mukasad serves the poorest of the city’s residents through its free schools.

I was in in Beirut after being a member of the State Department’s TechWomen delegation to Jordan. Mom and I decided to come to Lebanon to meet with friends from TechWomen 2011 and 2012, visit a city neither of us have been to but have heard so much about, and talk about mentoring programs. We’re spending most of our time hanging out with Adla, who was a wonderful host.

Photo Credit: Katy Dickinson
Photo Credit: Katy Dickinson

Watch this space for the rest of the week with more on my trip to the Middle East.

Inspirational Quote:

“Sooner or later: Yet at last
The Jordan must be past.
Sooner or later: Yet one day
We all must pass that way.”

–“Sooner or Later” by Christina Rosetti, sung as a hymn

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