Measuring my Arabic

Monolith from Papal visit to Mt Nebo, near where Moses was buried, carved by Franciscan monksIn my bio I mention that I speak enough Arabic to have a good conversation with a six-year-old. After my first full-day in Jordan, I decided to revise that upwards. I can have a solid, small-talk-y conversation with adult strangers. I can talk about the weather and family and traveling, about my work and my studies.

I got an Intermediate-Low score when I tested my Arabic proficiency last April, and haven’t taken a class since I finished undergrad. But every night, barring a few where I forgot or got super busy, I’ve reviewed flashcards from my Arabic textbook using an iPhone app called “iFlash.” Though I don’t think I’ve learned new vocabulary, these nightly practices keep my reading swift and my understanding of the grammar at the top of my head.

Inspirational Quote:

When I get to heaven,
I’m gonna sit down, on the golden throne,
Jordan River, chilly and cold,
Chills the body, but not the soul

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