I’m in Seattle!

I’m spending the weekend in Seattle, visiting with Matthew and searching for an apartment. I don’t even know how I found housing without Padmapper–it is a life-saver. Seattle will be home base, which means its where my heart and books are, while I’ll be flitting around Boston.

First view of Seattle from the ground--check out those beautiful mountains.

Though my brain is travel-blocked, I’ve found 3 things to love about Seattle:

  1.  I can smell the ocean,
  2. There are real mountains (where reality is defined by the likelihood they will kill you)
  3. I saw more Vietnamese, Ethiopian, and Thai places on the light rail ride downtown than I’ve seen in Pittsburgh in 5 years.

Inspirational Quote:

“When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses.”–Joyce Brothers

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