Waterfalls Near Campus (A Lambent Light Fall on Schenley Park)

As part of my exploration of the world of rocks in Pittsburgh, I spent some time climbing all over the creek alongside my daily bike-commute route which goes through a golf course. I found these tiny waterfalls:

Tiny waterfall near CMU.

Tiny waterfall near CMU.

It was a beautiful day out, and there were a bunch of people golfing. Though this may change as my joints get less compliant, but I would rather spend any day getting dirty and scampering around rocks and moss and water than slogging around clubs to put balls in holes:

Schenley Golf Course, Pittsburgh, PA

Inspirational Quote:

“The number of shots taken by an opponent who is out of sight is equal to the square root of the sum of the number of curses heard plus the number of swishes.”–Michael Green, The Art of Coarse Golf, 1975

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