Yesterday, I put up 500 fliers (with 3 friends).

The Dietrich College Career Student Advisory Council has an occasional event where we cover the entire Baker Hall spiral staircase with job and internship descriptions tailored for students in the humanities and social sciences. When I started working at the Carnegie Mellon Career and Profession Development Center (CPDC) two years ago, my primary responsibility was to build and run and hand-off this Student Advisor Council (known at Carnegie Mellon University as a SAC). One could say I was hired by the CPDC at CMU to make a SAC. But I wouldn’t say that.

The day I knew the SAC was more than just the organization effort I put into it was when I was out-voted on what we would call ourselves (internally at least). I quite liked being “the Dietrich Career SAC,” and the “H&SS Career SAC before that.” But the SAC members, some of the brightest leaders on campus even if they have terrible taste in music, declared we could be called ACDC.

And so, for every memo and set of minutes I send, I must write [ACDC].

Musical naming tragedy aside, I am quite proud of our “Wall of Jobs” event. Here are some photos I took of it, and the wonderful SAC members who took hours out of their weekend to set it up:

Lauryn Brown, Winnie Theresa Leung, and Jessica Dickinson Goodman

Inspirational Quote:

“In silence and solitude, in the emptiness of hunger and the worthiness of the wilds, men and women have taken refuge in the continuum of bare truth. John Muir once wrote, ‘I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.’ Silence is where we learn to listen, where we learn to see. Holding silence, being held by stillness, Buddhists and tribal people go alone to the wilderness “to stop and see,” to renew their thruth, to return to the knowledge of the extensiveness of self and the truth of no self.

The ceremony of the vision fast and the eremitic and yogic traditions of Buddhism are not solipsistic endeavors. Often we must go outside society to confirm that we live inside the continuum of creation. One seeks solitude to know relatedness.”–Joan Halifax

PS: Yes, I did give a trafficking talk, a street harassment lecture, and make a career-related art installation all on Sunday. Now, homework time.


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