Signs of Life in the Snow.

I took these on my way home today:

Snow and paw and bootprints

Signs of impromptu sledding.

Dogs have an interest in the tree.

Handprint in the snow.

In case you get the wrong impression, I do not like snow. As a Californian, I neither understand, nor appreciate, weather. I believe snow is something you visit, not that visits you. And I will not enjoy wearing 5 layers of clothing to escort tomorrow.

But I like finding evidence of night-hopping bunnies, of dogs, of butt-sledding children. I treasure the idea that weather can hold static the impressions of our casually lead daily lives, storing them for the equally casual pleasure of strangers who pass by. Their marks in the show give me the shape of my neighborhood and the pattern of my co-residents’ days.

Inspirational Quote:

“When snow falls, nature listens.”–Antoinette van Kleeff

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