We’re Getting Married Today.

My last dream before I woke ended with a quote from this:

“You’ve got a miracle due.”

Last night I felt like this:

And today I walked around my neighborhood, hand-delivering announcements to this:

And took care of these ones:

to this:

Which I wasn’t sure I wanted to do. My dogs express their love liberally with slobber and their appreciation with muddy paw-prints. But then I realized that much of that is inside me is about getting grubby while taking care of folks that need it. And that no one would be looking at my wedding photos, trying to spot pit-bull and corgie mixes paw-prints. (Well, now all of you will, but oh-well).

I’m writing to this:

Today I’ll walk to this:

And the whole time I’ll still care about this and this and this.

But today I’m going to focus on this:

And the whole day I’l be repeating this:

“It will all be over in 10 hours, no matter what happens. And then Matt and I can hang out! Forever.”

Inspirational Quote:

“Oh thou
Far off and near
whole and broken
who in necessity and in bounty wait
whose truth is light and dark
mute though spoken
by thy wide grace
show me thy narrow way.”
–To The Holy Spirit, Wendell Berry

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  1. Jessie and Matt,
    May this day, important as it is, not be the best day, nor even the “first” of best days,
    May it be one of many days where you feel the love of community, the love of family, the love of each other, the love of life
    in all its simplicity and majesty
    intimacy and publicity,
    humor and profundity,

    My love to both of you as you celebrate one facet of your incredibly faceted lives!

    Susan Nace

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